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Pure Bondi’s seven tips for your best tan ever...

Sun care tips for beach babes #ThatsPureBondi

While it’s tempting to fake it rather than bake it, when it comes to tanning, hitting the beach has always been more fun than hitting the tan in a can. Like any self respecting beach babe, you want to bronze your bod and achieve the perfect golden glow with no burns, no age wrinkles and no fuss. How do you do it? 

Simple, you just need to follow these few crucial and safe tanning tips. These will ensure you get the maximum tan with the minimum effort. 

Perfect right?! You are totally welcome.

We love having fun in the sun, It boosts levels of serotonin, that’s nature's own chillout drug. Proven to lower stress, lower appetite and boost sex drive. It gives you a much needed hit of vitamin D and that’s great news for your hair, bones, teeth and skin. 

But there are major downsides if you don’t take care. Premature ageing, skin damage, heat stroke and sun burn. A wise babe once said “sun protection leads to skin perfection.” 

For a safe, sun-kissed glow these are our top 7 tips for your best tan ever, plus a sneaky bonus 8th tip for free. So, let’s get glowing. 

Pure Bondi Tan walk

1. Get off the (Tanning)bed

Please DON’T use sun beds. Not ever. Full stop. Never ever. The end. 

Don't fall for the myths peddled by salons that you can get a 'healthy' tan with a sun bed. This is just wrong...they are banned in Australia for a very good reason - Solarium beds emit dangerous levels of UV radiation and have been scientifically proven to significantly increase the risk of the most dangerous type of skin cancer, being melanoma. 

 Tanning beds pump out huge amounts of UVA and virtually no UVB (which stimulates vitamin D production) and can increase your risk of skin cancer by over 75%. So just don’t, go natural every time.

2. Scrub up it’s your best prep work

To scrub or not to scrub? 

Yes, obviously, it is crucial for you to exfoliate regularly. No matter what your tan goals are, or the shade you want or the kind of skin you have. Exfoliating is a super important part of your daily skincare routine. Without it you can forget ever getting your best looking glow. 

Babes often make the mistake not to exfoliate before hitting the beach. That leaves dead skin cells to building up all over the place. A daily shower scrub will basically rub off that dead skin coat you are wearing. As an added bonus it also prevents breakouts, helps with eczema and can improve oily skin at the same time. 

If you want an even, golden, perfect glow it’s important to choose a good quality body scrub full of good stuff, we recommend Frank body’s Original or Coconut Coffee scrubs which does the job perfectly, are loaded with coffee, vitamins and smell amazing too. Getting dirty in the shower has never been so much fun or so good for you. So scrub up.

3. Lock in that moisture

No tan tips list would be complete without the number one way to extend the life of your new earned tan and it’s an absolute commandment of great skincare. Moisturise regularly, with a good quality moisturiser. 

This will help to keep your skin well hydrated and nourished. You’ll be needing a proper moisturiser for this, sadly the supermarket own brand probably won’t cut it here.Without it, your skin will dry out, when exposed to the sun. 

That means you can kiss your natural glow goodbye after only a few days of uncomforterble and ugly peeling.But, we are not just talking about applying moisturiser after tanning here, though that is totally a thing you need to be doing too. This is something that you have to do on a regular basis. Basically, it should be part of your everyday routine like brushing your teeth… you do do that! Don’t you? 

The best time to moisturise is straight after a shower and right before bed. As you sleep, your body actually repairs itself, helping to reverse the damage that happened during the day. If you want to max out the life of your tan, feed your skin what it needs. 

Apply Pure Bondi’s Suntamed Body Oil all over immediately after showering. It’s the total package for perfect skin; loaded with skin boosting nutrients and rubs in instantly giving you a mega hydration boost, leaving your skin protected, perfected and smelling amazing #thatsPureBondi.

4. Be brave wax and shave

Removing ugly, unwanted hair is standard for most babes, particularly when it comes to your face, legs, underarms as well as the ‘ouch’ bikini area. 

Grip it and rip it babes.No matter which bits wax and shave, you should do it more than 24-48 hours before getting your tan on. 

There’s a pretty good reasons to do this, if you want that perfect golden glow.Firstly, if you wax just before going into the sun, you run the risk of severely irritated skin, and that means rashes babe. The last thing you want is a bright red rash burning across your freshly preened private parts.

5. Stay Hydrated

When it comes to quick and easy tanning tips, you can’t beat staying hydrated. Nice and simple rule here, you need to be hydrated to get your best tan ever. 

Duh!That’s obvious right?! 

Well you’d think so but it’s a sad fact that most of us don’t drink nearly enough. By drinking plenty of water you will give yourself the best chance for a lasting tan. It also improves your digestive system, your brain functions and helps keep your skin looking bright and clear. 

Given it’s one of the most crucial tanning tips, you can even make it more delicious by grabbing a water / tea infusion bottle. Be sure to check out some detox/tetox water recipes too - makes water more fun. Hydrate and lose weight. For the Win.

6. Food can protect your skin? You bet it tan.

Did you know there are some foods that contain a wonder stuff called lycopene, it’s kind of like your skin's own SPF. 

It’s actually a powerful antioxidant found in red fruits and veggies like tomatoes, watermelon, guava and oranges, it's also found in some green vegetables like asparagus (yep that stuff that makes your wee smell funny). 

It can help boost your skin’s natural protection by a whopping 30%. Some of the best sources is tomato ketchup and sundried tomatoes – did someone say spag bol for dinner?We are also big fans of the antioxidants found in green tea, dark chocolate and caffeine which have also been shown to help protect and cut your risks of skin cancer risk. 

So an espresso or mocha before you hit the beach is practically medicine.

Pure bondi health food for tan

7. (Un)Dress For Success

Tan lines… hot or not? Your call. If you don’t want selfies where you look like a tiger then you need to wear the same type of swimsuit or bikini most of the time. By wearing the same suit, you will give yourself a glowing, smooth tan which flows from skin to bathing suit and back again. 

Giving you the aura of a bronzed Bondi beach goddess.However, skip the swimsuit altogether if you dare. In reality, the only thing better than a swimsuit is your birthday suit. Which is sure to minimise those tan lines. 

Clothing optional beaches or a very private back yard only for this I’m afraid. Only for the brave and the cheeky! And don’t forget to apply your Pure Bondi sunscreen everywhere, you really don’t want to burn your bits.

Pure bondi bikini tip tan

Bonus Tip: Understand your tanning time and don’t forget to throw some shade

No matter how tough you think you are or how much bake you can take, your skin has a max tanning cut-off point when it physically can't produce any more melanin, the tanning pigment. 

After that all you do is undo all your previous good work. It's pointless to bake on the sand or lounge by the pool all day. Everyone has their own melanin cut-off, it’s typically about two to three hours, but can be much less if you have very fair skin. After this point you're just exposing your skin to UV damage and the risk of much nastier things. 

Take breaks from the sun, go for a drink, chillax under in the shade, do whatever gets you out of the sun and gives your skin a break. This will lower your UV intensity and reduce your sunburn risk massively. 

That means your tan will be healthier and longer-lasting and your skin will thank you for it trust us. Apply and reapply a high quality, moisturising sunscreen like Pure Bondi’s Suntamed regularly during your sun-days and always reapply after a swim, even better have a hot lifeguard do it for you.

Hope you found those tips useful.

Look out for our totally free 10 Day Tan Plan. Coming Soon. 

If you want more free, next level information on how you can achieve your best tan ever, delivered direct to your inbox.You know where to come.

Anna Founder, Pure Bondi. x   

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