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Insiprational babes


“Sunshine” noun – a cute word for the stuff that makes you walk a thin line between bronzed babe and a sun dried triple fried Tomato. But with the great sunshiny days… comes great responsibility!

Let’s be real though – who can truthfully say they actually love sunscreen? That oh so necessary evil that can frankly leave you greasy, itchy, white as a ghost and so sticky you end up bringing half the beach home with you… ~yaaaay~ (no).

Enter “Pure Bondi Suntamed Everday Sunscreen and Body Oil” As a moisturising body oil it leaves you with zero white marks or streaks and won’t stain your coveted summer whites or swimmers! It’s absorbed quickly into the skin and is really nourishing without leaving you like a greasy piece of seaweed.

It’s a medium level sunscreen so enough protection to prevent burns but not so much to prevent a natural even tan! And… it smells freaking fantastic!! (Coconut heaven)

Jess: When trying out this product I didn’t go the usual awkward shade of pink I usually go after two seconds out in the sun! #miracle

Bethany: It was nice to spend a day in the sun without getting too itchy or dry skinned after applying sunscreen and getting hot! By far the nicest feeling sun solution I have found!

Lab tested to ensure that the product surpasses strict Australian sun care standards along with no parabens, no sulphates and no SLS! Also as an added bonus no animal testing which we are super passionate about!

So, essentially using this products means you will be moisturised AF with baby soft skin, smell like a coconut goddess and won’t resemble Sebastian the crab after a hard days beaching. #winning

10/10 Would recommend
Just note it’s a mid range SPF so be smart if you are planning a beach-a-thon

9/10 Packaging
No oily leaks and perfect beach bag size …

10/10 Value for Money
Shoutout to Pure Bondi for creating a sure fire summer staple!

Find it here - Pure Bondi



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