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Insiprational babes

Since being crowned Miss Global International last year in Trinidad and Tobago, Heidi is fast carving her path to become one of Australia’s most loved role models. 

Heidi has literally hit the ground running as she juggles charity work and event commitments with her modelling while, working toward a career in health and fitness. 

It is her passion for equality, charity and community development, combined with dreams of becoming influential in the spotlight that makes pageantry a perfect match for Heidi. She was encouraged by those who saw this potential in her gracious physical presence and philanthropic nature; to enter into her first beauty pageant. Since Heidi’s Miss Global Australia 2015 crowning moment, she has graced the covers of International magazines and several Australian publications and hasn’t looked back.

Heidi’s determination to make a difference in the lives of others is what inspired her to launch own collection of active wear, which is designed to make women of all ages look great, feel great and love the skin they’re in! 
‘Heidi-Anne Active’ and her #CROWNBOUND campaign is a push for women to become the Queen of their own story and strive to be a first class version of themselves. 

A fitting role for avid fitness lover, Heidi is extremely dedicated to her career in health and fitness with a particular interest in health coaching, barre, boxing and circus performing! Heidi’s story is nothing short of inspiring – we just can’t get enough… get to know the Queen behind the crown at www.heidi-anne.com.

Heidi’s Top Beauty Tip

I use Witch Hazel religiously; it has strong antioxidant and astringent properties that are perfect for stopping cellular damage and preventing signs of aging. It also has high levels of active healing ingredients to reduce inflammation and swelling. Use morning and night for a fresh feel and look radiant with minimal makeup when hitting the sun and surf!

That Bikini Bod:

Get addicted to the H2O! Ditch the sugar and overdose on filtered water in preparation for summer. The secret to looking good in your bikini is confidence - feel good, so you can look good! Chop up some citrus and add some blueberries to your water bottle for a detoxifying feeling and if you’re really adventurous add a bit of fresh mint too. Keeping up your fluids with filtered water will flush your body of waste and bacteria, keep you hydrated, help with digestion, clear your skin and assist with calorie control. 

What other reason do you need?
Bottoms up!


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