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Insiprational babes

My name is Alexia Aslanidis, I am a 26 year old Australian creative and have been living in Europe for the last 10 years.

I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger, editor & social media influencer. Creating visually stunning content is a passion of mine as well as having a keen eye for beauty. I love to write and love fashion. The beach is a big part of me, as growing up in Australia allowed me to always have access to vast and beautiful beaches. With hot summers and mild winters, seasonal impact did influence my style at its core. Summer definitely is my favorite season; I tend to favor an ease in dressing, simple essentials and a neutral palette.returned home from Europe after spending 4 months there. I also have a passion for health and fitness and I am currently studying to be a personal trainer, not only to help others but to also help with my own training.

Alexia’s Beauty secret

Before arriving at the beach always make sure you have already applied an SPF on face and body. I always go for higher SPF for my face and then apply a BB cream on top and use a lip SPF with a hint of gold tint for my lips. 
I love to embrace my natural state at the beach so I don’t really apply proper makeup. I am also very active at the beach and utilise it’s benefits, I’ll go for a run, then an invigorating swim, then lay out, relax, repeat & reapply !


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