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Insiprational babes

Being a mermaid can be exhausting – especially for your skin.

Nowadays we pay attention to a lot of things that are supposed to make our skin look better, younger, fresher and more beautiful. But have you ever considered that it starts with you and your attitude towards the sun first?

I remember the first time surfing and being in Bondi Beach. I had a great time but at the same time my attitude towards the sun changed. I became more sun aware (as I would call it). People approached me on the street and asked my if I am from Europe, because my skin looked so young and bright. That was the first time I understood what the sun does to our skin if we are not protecting ourselves with sunscreen. 
If we start from the very beginning right and use proper sunscreen in the right way, we might not even have to get to that point to use expensive beauty treatments, in order to get smoother and wrinkle free skin. 
It is never too late to start sunbathing sun aware and use sunscreen and to give your skin that extra refreshment after a long day at 
the beach. 

Now here is my beauty secret: ALOE VERA
(which is actually not a such a big secret considering that this plant has been used by people for more than hundred years). 

I use Aloe Vera Gel (pure gel) every day in the morning. Especially when I have been in the sun or surfing, but I used it every day.  I even do Aloe Juice Clenses once a year and drink Aloe Vera Juice. This plant is a youth fountain. It hydrates your skin and is super healthy. You can even use the pure Aloe Vera plant on your skin to get a fast hydration boost. I believe that this plant is the secret to my young and smooth looking skin and I hope you can enjoy the benefits of it, just as much as I do. 
So – never forget to use sunscreen while in the sun, don’t stay too long in the sun and use Aloe Vera and mermaiding will be more fun ;)


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